PC Erotic Game Getting Movie Version

A movie version of an adult visual novel Fate/stay night has been announced via teaser site.

There's no info about the movie just yet — such as who's starring in the flick, who's directing, etc.

Fate/stay night was originally released on the PC back in early 2004. It has spun off PlayStation platform titles, anime and manga. The plot involves sorcerers, swords and a Holy Grail War.

Fate/stay night [Official Site via GIGAZINE]


    And yet somehow it will be stuffed up. Stop trying people

      Stuffed up? the anime series turned out fine. I'm assuming the movie will be based on that rather than the actual game.

        Why base it on the retarded anime when you can base it on the epicness of the game?

    Hopefully Type-Moon will take a hint and focus on one route rather then try to merge all 3 into one like they did with the anime.

    Heres for the UBW route xD

    Shirou vs Archer is pure epicness.

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