PC Erotic Game Movie Dated

A teaser site for adult visual novel Fate/stay night has popped up online recently. An article in Japanese magazine New Type has dated the movie as opening January 23, 2010.

The animated flick will screen at Tokyo's Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro and 11 other movie theatres across the country.

Fate/stay night was originally released on the PC back in early 2004. It has spun off PlayStation platform titles, anime and manga. The plot involves sorcerers, swords and a Holy Grail War.

Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works Film Confirmed [ANN]


    Eh?! Has it been confirmed that it will be about the UBW scenario?

      i guess so. in the reference link, go to the forum and someone posted a magazine scan that says it's ubw. awesome isn't it! =D

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