People Buying Less, But Playing More (Wii Excepted)

Times are tough. 2009's gaming lineup isn't as strong as 2007's, or 2008's. So people aren't buying as many consoles as they used to. But those that already have one, well, they're playing the crap out of them.

Researchers Nielsen have conducted their latest study on people's gaming habits, and have found that compared to this time last year, console usage is up a whopping 21%.

Also released were figures showing the percentage of "active" users; as in, those who are actually using their consoles. At the top of the list are the 360 and PS3, unsurprisingly, but take a look at the bottom of the chart. Way down the bottom. Beneath the GameCube.

Yeah, that's the Wii, with only 6% of users actually playing the thing regularly. The other 94%? They're either using the Wii infrequently, or not using it at all.

Wii Has Fewest Percentage of Active Users, says Nielsen [Industrygamers]


    so the wii is the all singing, dancing and SELLING console, but no one is playing it.. that doesn't make sense...

    People are playing the GameCube more than Wii? What does that say I wonder?

    I wonder if Nintendo care about this; and whether it affects software sales.

    I believe the reason that the wii is done the bottom is because many of their games are one-off games that are played at parties or get-togethers eg. wii sports, mario and sonic at the olympic games, etc...

    Yeah i believe the Xbox & Playstation usage is much greater than the Wii's but comeon!

    The Wii has sold something like 20 million more than the 360 WORLDWIDE yet its usage is lower than the Gamecube which overall sales has been surpasses by the Wii AND the 360 AND the PS3 AND even the Original Xbox.

    I find this VERY hard to believe. Alot of Nielsens survey/graphs don't add up to me. They get it right in some parts, even in this but theres always something wrong.

    They can't really trace it very well to tell is the Gamecube is played more. I don't think it has online, does it? its more of a, excuse me, but do you play the Gamecube or the Wii? Oh thats a tick for Gamecube and cross for Wii.

    Defending the Wii here which isn't often. It has much better games than the Gamecube. The Gamecube was SHIT! Super Mario Galaxy is miles better than Sunshine. You have Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros. Mario Party, Wii Sports...the list goes on. They are all VERY popular games which have outsold probably the Top 10 Best Selling Gamecube games.

    VERY WRONG! I mean even the Wii has online with its WiiWare store etc... It's the most played console in Japan probably other than the DS.

    Yeah but the Wii base is larger, I'd love to know what the numbers behind the percentages were.

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