Piracy Protection Is Why PSPgo's Battery Isn't Removable

In reconfiguring their portable, Sony paid attention. Pandora's Battery made modding the PSP firmware, and thus software piracy, very easy. SCEA's John Koller said the PSPgo's battery was made internal-only for just that reason.

"You won't be able to rip your games and play them on the [PSPgo]system, the firmware precludes that," Koller told PlayStation Insider. "There's no external battery, so there's a number of protections put into place on the system."

The drawback? When that battery starts to go, you can't swap it yourself. Back it goes to Sony for replacement, at a fee if it's out of warranty.

Why You Can't Remove the Battery from the PSPgo [PlayStation Insider]


    $10 it'll be cracked by the end of the year.


    My money's on the downloading component by tricking the system into believing that a ripped game is legit... let's see how long... I'm going for very early next year... though... it would be very funny if it is cracked within a week of release
    I thought that Sony would get it into their heads that Australia has and still does have an internet problem...

      K'fox sony did not make the psp go with australia in mind. They are more interested in the american and japanese markets.

    That's a BINGO!

    $10 it won't be crack by end of the year, as it is way overpriced, so the demand is too low for the hacker to even want to try to crack it.

      But they do it for the challenge

    chances are it WILL be cracked within no more than 2 weeks

    Dave should totally turn this into a competition on who can best predict the day it gets cracked. The prize? A brand new PSPgo. Just don't tell Sony what we're gonna do to it as soon as we get it.


    It appears that Sony has never heard of a screwdriver.

    I wonder if the service fee will be $315 for this, too.

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