Plants Vs. Zombies To Gnaw At Retail, iPhones, Your Chest

PopCap announced today that Plants vs Zombies—a game we like very, very much—will now be able to be enjoyed by even more people, with both a retail and iPhone release.

The game will, as you read this, already be sitting on store shelves across America, for the reasonable price of $US20. And if you like things a little more portable? PopCap also confirmed that an iPhone version of the game is on its way and should be on the App Store in "late 2009".

Finally, as a bonus: Here's a couple of Plants vs Zombies shirts, newly-available from PopCap's store. Moustache mode? Yes, please.


    Wow! I was thinking about half an hour ago, they should make itouch,iphone version.

    Can't wait for this :D

    I thought that's where all popular flash-esque games were headed nowadays, so I'm not surprised. However, I am surprised it's taking so long. MY IPHONE WANTS YOU IN IT!

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