PlayStation 3 Slim: The Unboxing, The Up-Close Examination

So, the PlayStation 3 Slim is real. How real? Well, so real you can look at its box, open it, then take the thing out of its box, then look at it some more.

Courtesy of our pals at Gizmodo SF, here's a more intimate look than press shots can afford, showing the console's rougher texture, slighter dimensions and physical buttons.


    The photo with all the rear connectors (5th one down), does anyone have any idea what the connector to the left of the Optical out? It kind of looks like a SATA port but I don't think it's that.


      original ps3 Av connection is the one next to the optical

      Thats just sony's standard multi format AV out... you know, component, S-Video, composite. Just depends what cable you have. Been the same since later versions of the PS1.

      Nothing new here... nothing to see... move along...

      That is the standard AV connector for a ps3, Youre component, standard rca cables etc all run to that connection. So nothing new with the slim there

    It's the A/V out.

    I think that's for the standard AV cables

    Aww! No piano-black shiny finish?! That's it! I'm not buying one!

      Are you being serious, or I am being dense?

    It looks really good! The only problem is... where is the section where you put in SD cards? The old one had the slots upfront behind the shell with hinges.

    Also, is it backwards compatible with PS1/PS2 games? Does it have fan noise like the older PS3's?

      Ed, the memory card (SD etc) slots were ditched in later models (I think only original model had them).

    This model may be slimmer, but I daresay that the phat model is more attractive...

    @ed: I could be wrong but I think I can see a card slot just to the left of the 4 front USB jacks.

      Those aren't USB ports - it's the air vents :P There are only two USB, over on the left side.

    What controller will it come with Dualshock 3 or the older one without rumble?

      One would assume a Dualshock 3 since the old Sixaxis controlers are no longer produced.

    Wow so that chinese website thing was right. Well I like the look of my PHAT 60GB original model but I cannot get rid of the appeal of owning a ps3 slim. The only thing is it looks so cheap and nasty. However the new surface is better than the fingerprint magnet phatness.

    its ugly. current PS3 is heaps nicer. gone is the shiny black and the touch buttons as well

    looks nice besides the shoddy new physical buttons :/

    Obviously they're going the cheaper route. Saving money etc...

    No touch buttons represents that.
    No Piano-black finish represents that.
    No b/c represents that.

    But one thing puzzles me and doesn't represent cheapness.


      I know! They spiderman font was awesome. lol


    I'm often amused by the physical attributes comments. I guess I'm the only one who doesn't stare at the unit while I'm playing games. If it doesn't have the XBox fail rate, you could encase the hardware in a cardboard box with duct tape and I would be more then happy.

    Didn't any of your mothers tell you..."Its whats on the inside that matter!"

    I quite like the look of the new PS3, and hey Playstation must be happy with it! I came across the Playstation 3 Australia micro site the other day.

    Looks like a lot of effort has gone into it really

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