Pokemon: The Ride

As seen at the Montana Fair in Billings, Montana by reader Erik.



      On Playstation..?

    wtf PlayStation?

    I Don't see any Playstations ....

      it is the white background with color dots there.

    Ive seen this same sort of ride(its the ride for little kids that has a ball pit, mirror room and stuff that are normally at shows) at a show in australia when i was younger. Also had a pokemon theme. I remeber always wanting to go on them when i was younger

    Wow, how much do i dont want to go on this.

    Unless it has Mudkips, I can't see the internet caring...

    Is it just me or does it look a bit transparent?

    i read it as more of a station for play, rather then the PlayStation for playing of games.

    POKEMANS!? its run by bill cosby then...who is still out of touch with todays youth considering he thinks it was on the playstation.

    Go go Gadget Lawsuit!

    But why is the Mewtwo shiney?

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