Prison Break: The Video Game Busts Out

Another piece of licensed flotsam recovered from the crash of Brash Entertainment have been recovered, as Deep Silver and Koch Media announce, officially, the video game version of Prison Break.


    wow... seriously can't wait for this.. really... it's going to be THE BEST GAME EVER!!

    i mean how can it not be with those bald guys... oh and the tough looking dude!!!
    Not to mention if it has hot chick 1 and 2!!

    I bet it involves some sort of awesome prison escape action with more bald dudes and possibly some cops! Maybe even some tough, bald, hot chick cops!

    You know i even heard it's going to be a cross between manhunt and spyro the dragon. Fire breathing manslaughter!.. only bald!

    How could a game like this miss the mark!?

    ...holy shit it's hard to rant about a show you've never watched in your life... honestly though, is anyone even going to buy this? lol

    The show ended and the ending sucked, it's not like buying the game is going to change anything or fill in any missing pieces so why bother.

    It's not even a movie game, it's a tv-show game. Movie games are usually pretty shit, just imagine what a tv-show game will be like.

      dude, desperate housewives and CSI... i rest my case...

    Best part is that there is no way on earth they could possibly make a game worse thatn the last two seasons..

    Finally a game thatll be better than its show\movie parent..

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