Problems Plague Pinnacle DLC

The Pinnacle Station DLC for Mass Effect went out the door today, and already BioWare's user forums are reporting problems with the PC and console edition.

The good news is for PC users. Bioware expects a reasonably fast fix for some CD key rejection issues. A BioWare QA lead said that an installer had been sent out as of Wednesday evening, but had no ETA for its approval. "We haven't been able to talk to the people who are processing it though so we're not sure what the status is. I'm hoping it will be on the store soonish."

The bad news is for 360 gamers. The problem seems to be with the Platinum Hits version of the game. Owners of that are asked to reroll their character to play - which shouldn't happen. Some reported that buying the Bring Down the Sky DLC - again - resolved the problem, and they're super pissed and demanding refunds. The BioWare QA guy popped in to say they were aware of the problem but had no ETA for any fixes.


    Biowares support on this title (especially in the PC version) has been pretty rubbish which is rather unfortunate.

    The game was only patched to 1.02 yesterday with the DLC release after being told that a "patch was comming soon" back in January. And even so it was a meager 70meg with only a handle full of fixes (and some not even complete fixes, the known Garrus face texture resolution issue was only fixed for his in game model and not for cutscenes :S).

    Doesnt leave me confident in their support for ToR.

      Bioware has been acting strangly in general for the last half a year or so. Coincidentally around the same time as they were bought by EA...

    One lesson I've learnt from the Fallout 3 DLC - always give the purchase a couple of extra days, juuuuuuuust in case...

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