Providers, Not Apple, Led To Soulpatch Hitler In iPhone Game

Providers, Not Apple, Led To Soulpatch Hitler In iPhone Game
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Hitler’s new soulpatch-sporting look in recently released iPhone title Wolfenstein RPG was the by-product of the game’s earlier life on mobile phones and not because of overzealous censoring by Apple, id Software president Todd Hollenshead told Kotaku today.

“It was a hold over from the Brew and Java development of the game,” Hollenshead said. “Wolfenstein has been fighting censorship since 1992 when Nintendo made us change the blood to green and the dogs to rats.

“Some day people may realise this is a game and it’s supposed to be fun and we’re making fun of these things, not endorsing them.”

id decided to take out references to Nazis because of concerns raised by cell phone carriers for the earlier version of the game. When it came time to move the title over to the iPhone it got a new look, but Hitler remained moustache-free.

“We wanted to be consistent with the versions,” Hollenshead said. “The issues id faced with mobile phone development will soon be coming to an end.”

Doom 2 RPG may be our last Brew and Java game we develop in-house,” he said. “We’re are shifting our mobile development toward the iPhone.”

That means iPhone and iPod Touch gamers can expect the developer to start looking more at some of the new tech coming out for the platform including multiplayer gaming and “other ways” to build the community around a game.

Hollenshead said he would be making some iPhone announcements later today during the QuakeCon 2009 press conference. Make sure to check back on Kotaku for our live coverage of the event.


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