PS3 Fat Next To Slim


    I like the look of the slim from THIS angle but from the top the slim is butt ugly and cheap looking.

    As if anyone gave a damn about "cheap looks", check out the Xbox sales.

    Yeah the Xbox may be cheap plastic, but it actually looks nice. Has the inner arch and looks nice sitting vertically or horizontal. The FAT PS3 looks nice both ways, i do prefer the look for the 360 but the shine on the FAT PS3 is nice and all.

    This PS3 Slim is just grose. No PS2 bc & the new font is crap. Shortening it to PS3 doesn't do it any justice. Makes it seem like a terrible attempt at the younger generation, shortening everything to be 'cool' its actually kinda LAME!

    Sony - change back the font, make it say Playstation 3, put in PS2 b/c and you should be semi okay.

    I like the silver lining around the disc tray and the coloured logo on thw FAT PS3, why did they get rid of that!!!!

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