PS3 Slim Already Has A Bundle Deal

The newly announced PS3 Slim is getting a special PS3 bundle — for Japan, that is. And it's a Gundam bundle. Surprise!

To mark the 30th anniversary of the mecha franchise, the bundle comes bundled with a copy of PS3 title Gundam Senki and a 120GB PS3 Slim and wireless controller. All yours for ¥38,359 (approx. US$400).


    FF14 bundle with the Slim console this Christmas will be the cataclysm in Japan.

      The Sony marketing department should pay you.

    Wont buy any sony product until they stop gouging Aussies. (hey Sony US$ 299 = A$ 365 not A$499, US$399 = A$482 not A$699) The price cut, when we finally see it, will only bring the Aussie PS3 price down to the pre-cut overpricing level everywhere else.

      Uneducated people making uneducated obnoxious remarks largely due to a severe lack in foresight and/or intelligence. You take only one or two out of several factors into account, and you're too quick to anger because you're a tight ass. Just go get an Xbox360 arcade, they made them to be cheap so 10 year olds could buy them with their saved lunch money.

    US$299, at average of recent currency exchange of past year of 73 cents (you dont seriously expect them to alter the price every time the exchange rate changes do you?), and adding on GST because the american one doesnt have tax included works out to around 450 AU. It's not as bad as you whiners make it out to be.

    gundam bundle => (translate to simple speak) a gawd damn bundle... geez... talking about a Wii moment there...

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