PS3 Slim Hard Drives Don't Stop At 120GB

Sony has confirmed to us that, as with all previous PS3 models, the PS3 Slim's hard drive is fully upgradable, meaning you can swap out the existing 120GB for a higher capacity drive.

Over email, I asked Sony two questions: Is the Slim's hard drive still upgradable? And will Sony be supporting this upgrade option at retail?

Here's what they said: "Yes, the new model PS3 has a fully upgradeable hard drive. In regards to your question on support at retail, the situation remains the same as with the current model - it's up to the individual retailer to offer the upgrade service in store, or the consumer is able to do it themselves."

Good news while we wait for that rumoured 250GB model to hit retail.


    wouldn't that mean we could just buy it and whack a terabyte HDD in there for under $200???

    Pardon my naievity.. but i don't know much about what type of hard drives a ps3 supports

      Yeah, basically, but it takes a 2.5" laptop drive as apposed to the normal computer drive. I think currently they only go to 500gb.

    They wouldn't dare take that feature away, it probably one of the bigger selling points.

    Not like it's hard to do it yourself. Plus, probably works out cheaper to buy your own like 500GB harddrive to sink into it. First week that I got my PlayStation 3 that is what I did.

    Can you put a SSD HDD in the PS3, and see significant speed gains.

      Turns out that's a Yes but it's a pricey objective.

    does sony use 5400 or 7200rpm HDDs?

      5400 RPM, but 7200 RPM should work fine. It'll just be noisier and draw more power.

      Sony use 5400 rpm HDD's, it makes no (tangible) difference what you change to.

    Does replacing the HDD void the warranty?

    between a ssd or 5400 or 7200 rpm drive the load times only decrease by a second or two. Not worth the extra $$.

    yeah its all great having a slim model but how about sony getting sum good games first.

    where can you get them i have looked at some places but nothing. does anyone know?

    the ps3 slim has a 5400 rpm or a 7200 rpm hard drive? because idk..

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