PS3 Slim: RIP Linux OS

The PS3 Slim is a good news story for Sony, as its cheaper price will allow the console to be more competitive in a market where it's currently sitting dead last. But it's not all good news.

1) Unlike previous models of the PS3, the Slim won't let users install their own operating systems. Well, it might if you can hack one in there, but it's no longer officially supported, with Sony offering help, guides etc. This will be a blow to those who liked to mix things up, and take advantage of the flexibility installing an OS like Linux bestowed upon their PS3.

2) No backwards compatibility. Some held out hope - a fool's hope - that following the removal of the feature in the last model, the new model would return backwards compatibility to the console. It doesn't. Maybe Sony will unveil a PS2 download store at TGS?

Remember, these are just niggles! Now that it's here, we're quite impressed with the PS3 Slim, mostly because it's cheaper, and the PS3 needed to be cheaper. But would it really have hurt to keep the nerds happy and just leave the Linux compatibility as is?


    The whole linux thing is a bit much I think, if someone really wants it on, they have a chance to pick up a phat ps3 right now, for great prices from lots of places. It's only the slims which wont be able to, and they aren't destroying the ability for the rest of us.

    Anyone dare to hazard a guess as to a reason for this? Besides the marketing response of "no one wants it" is it a cost reduction of some sort? In terms of backwards compatability it certainly was; first cutting back on using the Emotion Engines, and now cutting back on investing time and money in emulation presumably.

    Is it a similar case for Linux support then? Is there a physical component in the PS3 that lets it support Linux and would therefore be cheaper to get rid of? Or is it simply cutting back on tech support. Yellow Dog Linux is designed primarily for the PS3, so what will happen to them? And what about the researchers that like to string several PS3's together?


      hmm... it'll be interesting to see watch Yellow Dog has to say regarding this revelation ...

    Would like to know if it no longer works or is just 'no longer supported'

    Is this a Hardware thing or will all new firmware updates (including those for PS3 phat) kill linux?

    someone will find a way... they always do.

      haven't seen linux on an xbox360 or a wii so dunno about "they always do"

    Maybe some sections of the linux community were working on a way to hack to the PS3 to play unlicensed code?

    You never know, stranger things have happened

      You could always play unsigned code on the ps3, this was how you installed linux, for example. What you couldn't do was use unlicensed code with full video resolution. So you could install linux but then had crappy resolution on your expensive 1080p tv. This kind of crippled the purpose of installing linux, eg installing a mythtv frontend or similar.

        The resolution isn't the problem at all. You can run Linux on the PS3 at full 1080p resolution (I know, I've done it), it's just that Sony blocked access to the GPU, so 3D accelerated programs aren't supported.

    Im all for having a cheaper PS3, but i dont like the slim at all. It looks so cheap...
    And the lack of backwards compatability has also been a major point with me

      "Im all for having a cheaper PS3, but i dont like the slim at all. It looks so cheap…"

      I've got the current (80GB) model and I have to say I prefer the look of the new one.

      I'm not a fan of the size of the PS3, or its curved shape. The new one just looks more... usable... on an equipment rack or shelf.

    Was there much need for Linux on the PS3? Did anyone really do much with it, or was it more a "it's nice that it's there" thing?

      Exactly who cares about Linux, I bet that half the people reading this article didn't know the PS3 could use Linux but only started caring due to fanboyism.

    i have a niggle... it's an ugly little fucker compared to the original beast...

      I wholeheartedly agree. Bring back the gloss and touch buttons!

    I think Sony's removing Linux because it could be used to play um... backup games.

    Some people can use Linux to run emulators. In effect, allowing them to play arcade games like Simpsons, Metal Slug, SF3 without waiting for PSN to release these games.

    You could even run Mugen, SNES and Dreamcast games.

    For all (and Dave Saul): the LINUX KILLER is not the PS3 SLIM but the 3.0 FIRMWARE, as stated on the official PS3 blog.

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