PS3 Slim Standing Test

Can the PlayStation 3 Slim stand without its fancy stand? Being a vertical-system guy, I had to test this.


    Damn i was hoping it'd fall over and smash into bits lol... I know... I'm sadistic...

    I dont need a video to tell me the ps3 slim is able to stand. Its common sense. fool

    What about with all the necessary/possible cords plugged in... they don't pull/tip it? How do we know!?!?!!

    WE'VE BEEN [email protected]!

    If you're worried about it falling, just wedge the PS3 in between two objects or stand it up against the wall. That's what I'm doing when I buy it.

    It'll look sexy next to my future 32 inch Samsung LCD and uber computer *drools*

      It'll likely overheat if you have it wedged between two objects.

    Nah, that wobbling scares me. Probably lean it up against something if I wanted it to stand.

    use 3m command adhesive.. or blu tack?


    Yeah, like anyone is really going to stand the Slim on its side without a bracket.

    I COULD balance my 80GB PS3 or my 360 on their corner-points too, but it aint gonna happen for the simple reason that it would a DUMB THING TO DO.

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