PS3 Slim Vs. Xbox 360 Elite: Tale Of The Tape

For the first time in the history of the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 console wars, gamers have a chance to pay the same cash for very similar hardware.

For $US299 a happy gamer can land themselves a PS3 Slim or an Xbox 360 Elite. Let's go to the numbers to see how they compare.

Looking at just the hardware the PS3 Slim seems to win the match-up offering both built-in Wi-Fi support and a Blu-ray player for the same price as the Xbox 360 Elite, which has neither but does include backwards compatibility.

Of course, the bigger, most important deciding factor will likely boil down to game selection. And that's a whole other article.


    u forget to add its compatible with ps1 game.ps3 has more exclusive than 360

      PS3 doesnt play PS1 or PS2 games anymore.
      And the PS3 does have more exclusives, but im sure your not willing to compare Heavenly Sword to Gears Of War

        All PS3's, regardless of their revision or model, can play PS1 games - check your facts

        LOL heavenly sword? ZOMG WTF? how bout we put Killzone 2 up there instead huh? dont get me wrong here, i "like" my 360 but, i LOVE my PS3. the exclusives on PS3 are much better. plus the xbla games are a waste of time and space. PSN has some kick ass games on there. wipeout hd, flower, fat princess plus a tonne more. i have at least 30 downloaded titles on the PS3 and 1 on my 360. wanna talk about a broken console? ok then WTF is with media centre extender? whats the point? that thing cant play 1 title from my pc. yet the PS3's inbuilt media centre can play a fair chunk. but, then we add PS3 media server to the pc and BAM i can now stream everything including my HD files WIRELESSLY! without the need to spend more $'s on "add-ons"

    OMG you posted this from the future! Amazing.

    Except what the person failed to mention is the Xbox 360 Xenos (graphics card) is far more superior to the RSX graphics card in the PS3. This is why games look way better on a 360 even though on paper people try to argue the ps3 is better

      what ever you said dude what ever you said

      Define "way" in terms of use when saying, "way better". If your definition of way in that case is "marginal" than you are correct. Graphics on both consoles are relatively the same. PS3 wins hands down overall.

    I am really sick of the PS3 v XBOX debate. Who cares! Competition is healthy. There are games that are awesome on both consoles and each console has their highlights and lowlights. Get over it and play your damn games!

      I agree. im sick of all the fanboy arguments. i own both and both are awesome. the end.

    As someone who owns both consoles, I agree to what EzyLee is saying, each console does have it's pros and cons, and have awesome games

    lol at the picture...wheres my 50 online gaming a year and my 100 wireless adapter...gimme gimme..i know its US prices...but we still get raped in the bottom with prices here for consoles compared to US

    Bottom line for Joe Average..

    PS3 - $299
    360 - $448

    Yes I play online and yes I use Wifi.. So its $150 more for a 360 and I dont get Blu Ray or a rechargable controller..

    Now I have to admit my 360 gets 10 times the use the PS3 does in my house but If I were to buy 1 console right now its pretty clear which is the better choice..

    And there are still alot of people out there who are yet to make their leap into this gneration of gaming..

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