PS3 Slimpocalypse Advances Into Sweden

The PS3 Slimpocalypse continues to play out like an establishing sequence from V: The Final Battle or something. "The world trembles at rumours retailers are told to clear off stock. Sightings are reported in the U.K., Germany, and now Sweden."

That Video Game Blog notes that the PS3 Slim has shown up on Swedish online retailer Discshop's site. It carries the following notation:

Efter många rykten verkar det nu som att det verkligen kommer en liten version av Playstation 3 i höst. Informationen kopierad från! Beställ före 16.00. Leverans nästa dag. Passa på att bevaka nu så att du inte blir utan när vi öppnar upp bokningen!

Mer information kommer så fort vi fått mer bekräftat om den nya mindre Playstation 3 maskinen.

Which means:

After many rumours, it appears now that that is really a small version of the Playstation 3 this autumn. Take the opportunity to watch now, so you will not be without when we open up the booking! Information is taken from the disc shop.

More information will be as soon as we got more confirmation on the new smaller PlayStation 3 machine.

As I've said, I wish Sony would hurry up and put this thing out so we can get done with the PS3 Slim fakes and half-assed rumours. Of course, then we'll be on to XBox 360 Slim fakes and half-assed rumours. Or more fakes and rumours about console price drops.

But I do think Sony should give a free console to the GAFfer who provided that fake user-made image. It's done more than its share to tee up hype for this product.

Swedish Retailer Lists PS3 Slim [That Video Game Blog]


    If they make the PS3 slim look like that UFO I'm in. Though honestly between this and news that the 360 Elite will replace the Pro model, I'm having a hard time trying to decide which console I should get. Borderlands looks to be the game that'll finally make me take the plunge. Thoughts or opinions on which to get and what price point I should try and wait out for?


      It's an impossible choice. That's why I plan on getting both. My 40gig PS3 is pretty much dead and I've been meaning to get a 360 a while.

      I agree with Sticks - get both, no need to go without

      Just dont buy a Wii

    Exclusives are becoming a thing of the past, there's really only a few games each console has the other doesn't.

    I brought a 360 when a Sony FW update killed my PS3, may look at the new one if its cheaper & smaller. Begrudge giving them any more $ when their support is so bad.

    PS2 BC would be a definite seller for me though.

    if the PS2 BC was region free that im sold

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