PS3 Slimpocalypse Countdown: FYE Price-Cuts

Reader Cloud works at an FYE, and says his store just got these posters in. As you can see, they're advertising some pretty damn hefty price reductions for the two models of the PlayStation 3.

The 80GB system — which currently retails for $US400 — is down to $US300. The 160GB system — which includes Uncharted, and normally goes for $US500 — is down to $US400.

Neither is advertised as a "sale", or "for a limited time only". They're advertised as a "new low price", with the disclaimer "while supplies last".

And what happens when supplies of these models run out? Oh, yeah...


    Great news... if you can find one that hasn't already been shipped back to Sony.

    So, anyone reckon that'll translate to a substantial AUD cut? *crickets chirp*

      Yeah... $US299 would make it the same price as the $360 in the US. Which, if they matched the price here, should make it... AU$399 here? *more crickets chirp*

      I'd say so. K-mart in the US has already let the price and release date of the PS3-slim out of the bag.

      Sadly, no. Aus retailers are never going to reduce their prices. I missed living in America and Asia..

      Should do, theirs no reason they'd sell them that much cheaper only in US. When they last cut the price it effected ps3s worldwide as far as I know.

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