PS3 Slim Pics And Specs

Sony's official press release for the PlayStation 3 Slim reveals a few updated features and a whole slew of sexy product shots of the PS3's skinny little brother.

The new model heralds a slew of changes for the PlayStation 3 brand, include a change in the official all-caps PLAYSTATION 3 brand to the PlayStation 3 everyone was using anyway, and a new PS3 logo, as seen etched on the side of the new console.

The new console will come standard with the recently announced firmware 3.0. A vertical stand will be made available for purchase to make the system vertical, and it will also house a Bravia Sync feature, allowing users to control the PS3 with their Bravia TV remote.

The final change is the removal of the Install Other OS feature, meaning no LINUX installs on the smaller unit. The release states that "The new PS3 system will focus on delivering games and other entertainment content, and users will not be able to install other Operating Systems to the new PS3 system."


    still no emotion engine!

    Any word on changes to the HDMI chipset to allow for HD audio bitstreaming?

    i want ps2 compatibility back!

    Yeah I agree with Barry, bring back PS2 backwards compatibility!

    None of these shots seem to give a clue, so I'll ask: Does the new one have the same (or similar) 'easy HDD upgrade'? Or is it stuck with the 120GB?

      Also, I still think it looks ugly.

        The sexy black beast is now a skinny ugly image of its former self. Seriously why is so gosh darn ugly?

      if you look closely underneath the disc slot, it looks like that is where the hdd goes. there is no way sony would take that away. that is a HUGE selling point. something 360 users cannot ever do. i also like the sound of being able to control it with a bravia remote. not that i have a bravia nor will i buy a slim. but still its a really cool idea. now when they do the promo deal they really go together more than before. i was hoping to see the RRP a bit lower but you can bet the discount retailers will sell it for around the $450 mark. if you were to wait i reckon you'd be able to grab this for as little as $390 within the first 6 months. just takes patience and a keen eye.

    i also agree with Barry, we need ps2 bc.

    Ya know its becoming more evident and clear that the price isn't the only problem.

    The Slim isnt the answer to Sony's prayers. It's features and pleasing your fans and the gamers.

    THIS machine looks UGLY. The PLAYSTATION 3 is much better. Shinier looks better too, this just looks square and dumb.
    The Logo is CRAP. Why shorten it to PS3 when the correct term is PlayStation 3. Everyone calls the Xbox 360 either Xbox or 360 yet the console specifically says, Xbox 360.

    SONY - keep the Spiderman font, its perfect. Its nice! NOTHING WRONG who cares if people bitch saying its from Spiderman, so what? And print it as PlayStation 3, not PS3. Thats kinda lame... lame as in, when music artists make their song titles '2' instead of "two or to".

    Oh yeah and Backwards compatibility, PUT IT IN THEIR. The Xbox has it, it may not have every single game but neither did the PS2. Put it in their for god sakes. You sold HOW MANY PS2's... EVERYONE had one. So why would they ditch their PS2 for a PS3 when they can't play all the games they purchased for the PS2 on the PS3. They're gonna re-pay for them via downloading them.


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