PSP Minis: Bite-Sized Fun At Bite-Sized Prices

Today at Sony's Gamescom 2009 press conference the company introduced PSP Minis, a range of smaller, cheaper downloadable games for the PSP and PSP Go.

Minis, which we touched on briefly last week, will be showing up in their own special section of the PlayStation Store come October 1st, giving PSP owners smaller-sized games at a lower price, perfect for the UMD-less PSP Go. Titles in the Minis section will all be limited to 100MB or less, meaning you can pack quite a few in between your full PSP titles.

Fifteen titles will be available for purchase when the Minis section launches in October, with Sony expecting at least fifty titles by the end of the year. Confirmed for release are Fieldrunners, Puzzle Scape, Alien Havok, Sudoku, Pacman Championship Edition, Championship Manager, Burn Zombie Burn 2D, Funky Punch, Breakquest, and Melody Bloxx.

The press release doesn't list prices, but we expect each will be below $US10, if not much cheaper.


    Most look like they'd be less than 3 meg...

    Now all they need to do is release the API so anyone can make 'minis'

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