PSPgo Is Just $50 Cheaper Than The PS3

PSPgo Is Just $50 Cheaper Than The PS3

When Sony announced you’d get a free download code for Gran Turismo PSP when you purchased the PSPgo, they forgot one tiny detail: the price of the handheld itself. Seems my speculation earlier today was bang on the money.

Sony has confirmed the PSPgo will launch in Australia on October 1 and retail for $449.95. That’s in line with the European price points, but considerably more expensive than the US.

It’s also—remarkably—just $50 shy of the price of the new PS3 Slim. Quite how the vastly different technology in the two boxes adds up to such similar figures is surely baffling to all those outside the Sony bean counters.

Who’s getting a PSPgo?


  • I WAS going to buy one to replace my PSP-100.

    Now that the price has been revealed?

    I’m gonna be buying a PSP-3000.

  • I’m a fanboy of all consoles so i considered buying one of these when it came out but…. $450.. hell no. $300 i probs would but $450 seems like a rip off for a re-skinned console thats approaching its 5th year in this country…

  • Thank you! I thought I was the only one that noticed. Hmm US$299 for another ps3 or US$250 for another psp? I think I’ve made my point.

  • Yeah I’ll be upgrading my 1000 to a 3000 one day, just not any time soon as long as my 1000 works.

    The GO can go just jump in the lake.

  • Everyone in every PAL territory shake their heads at SONY’S pricing policy.
    Why everything SONY/PS3/PSP…etc has to be so blatantly overpriced when compared to the same product in the USA is a cause of great consternation.
    If prices were just slightly higher than exchage rates would suggest then people might excuse SONY.

    The sad reality is that evry PS3, PSP etc sold in a PAL territory is subsidising every SONY product sold in the USA. I know it, you know it, SONY know it… and I’m sick of it!

    SONY can shove the PSP up their collective asses. I won’t be buying one at that ridiculous price, and why is the PS3 still $499 when it’s selling for $299 in America? I’m no mathamatician but I can do some simple math and see there is no correlation AT ALL with ANY exchange rate.

    SONY wonder where the love (and profits) went? I think we can tell them.

    “This is Living”? Hmmmm?

    • Hey Einstein, ever heard of import tax, GST, Australian price ratios (inflation, high wages etc), shipping charges and of course the relatively low Aussie demand?
      After all in Australia the Minimum wage is around $15 where as in America its $5.70USD. Wheres the exchange rate in that?

      Perhaps you could buy a ticket to the USA and then buy one for that low price?

      • You’re joking right? So the Australian government is forcing Sony to add ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS to the price?

        What exactly are you smoking?

      • or you could import, 249 usd to aud is $299. slap on $50 for shipping at most. $350 there’s a saving right there. i suspect playasia will be getting very busy soon. lolz

      • wow, strawman and incoherence.

        Our duties and taxes aren’t going to make up for the MASSIVE discrepencies between US and AU pricing. US sales taxes are marginally lower than our GST (around 8% vs 10%), I’d hazard a guess the import duties would be very similar too – you know, seeing as you don’t want to discourage trade.

        Demand means nothing, seeing as your talking about a global product – you ship as much as you need to where you need it.

        Any brand name manufactured equipment seems to carry a “brand tax” here in Australia, think about it. You can build a PC for about the same as you can in the US, but you can’t buy a computer from HP, Apple, Lenovo, etc, for the same price as the US. Similar (if not identical) equipment, same import duties.

      • @Darksonic:

        “or you could import, 249 usd to aud is $299. slap on $50 for shipping at most. $350 there’s a saving right there. i suspect playasia will be getting very busy soon. lolz”

        Remember Lik-Sang?

  • lols – someone needs to tell sony april fools was MONTHS ago – c’mon guys not funny…

    Honestly who the hell is going to buy this thing? This is going to be a MAJOR flop…

    Pull your heads out sony…

  • i am a HUGE sony fan. but, there is no way in hell anyone can justify that price. for me, even AU$300 would have been too much.
    maybe this is to benefit the retailers who will be selling it? they wont be seeing any game sales for it. i suppose they need some sort of incentive to stock it dont they? but even then, whats the profit margin on this gonna be like? 80%? LOL

  • Fuck that price! i’m serious!!!

    PSP have little hardware problem, so I’m gonna import pspgo, considerin how much they jacked up the price compared to US/JAP.

    And not to mention how PSP like PS3 are region free, I don’t see why I shouldn’t import!

    • I don’t see why you shouldn’t just get PSP-3000.

      Bigger screen, runs UMD’s, plays digitally distributed games.

      PSPgo is redundant unless it makes your coffee or something else I’m unaware of.

    • PS3 and PSPGo are region free?!?!??!?!?! OMGGGG!!

      ‘Cept since it’s all online – wouldn’t it be setup for the US online store and so AU credit cards would be locked out……?

    • I imported my psp – we were 90c to the dollar at the time, and I’ve had no problems (PSP2000) Saved a buttload of money

  • I’ll be buying it, but remember, the iPod Touch 16GB is just $20 lower in price. Both have the same amount of memory and pretty much are similar. But if I can get a PS3 for practically the same amount, thats stupid.

  • Why buy locally when you can import the USA version for AU$310 incl p&h from

    Much more realistic price

  • $50 shy of the PS3 is one thing, but more expensive than a 360 or a Wii? What is it about this handheld that makes it worth more than a home console?

    This is laughable. Literally, I think I might laugh at anyone I see with a PSP Go.

  • I’d consider buying it if we were allowed to trade in our older PSP models for a PSPgo at a lower price. And I mean MUCH lower.

  • I’m quite sure Sony is relying on retailers to discount on day 1 as well. Places like Big W and JB will probbaly sell at $399 to get market share. But even $399 is still an unrealistic price.

  • Australians get the short end of the stick when it comes to gaming. I moved here from Canada and brought my North American 360, Wii, and PSP with me. First time I went into a game store, I was in shock at how much new games cost. And yet you pay it.

    And the funny thing is this PSP go does nothing that I can’t already do with my PSP slim. Nothing.

    For a PSP 2000 owner, what incentive is there for me to buy one of these. How many games could I download for that much? How many PSP mini games could I get. What a joke.

  • I don’t see this going down to well. When someone is in the market for a new handheld, where are they going to go?

    A $450 PSPgo or a $300 DSi that does the exactly the same thing but with more functionality?

    I could buy 2 Xbox 360 arcade packs for that price. Or 1 Xbox 360 and a pre-owned DSlite both with games. Or a PS3 Slim.

  • I know exactly what Sony is up to. They’ll make a few thousand of these ‘PSP-Go’ thingies, put them in stores in all PAL territories for ridiculous prices, and hope that everyone buys the cheaper and now very attractive 3000s.

    It’s just a massive decoy. Surely.

    • I think Sony positioned the price of the PSPgo in a way where they don’t need to drop the price of the 3000 when the PSPgo is launched.

      There’ll be enough fanboys out there who will actually pay $450 at launch, then Sony will drop the price of the PSPgo, or both, for xmas to suck parents into thinking they are getting a bargain.

  • What a joke. Would seriously rather toss in an extra 50 and get a PS3 slim for kicks. Or even better, finish off my console collection and get a 360.

  • So since it’s region free, if I were to import one from america, it would be the same as buying one locally apart from having enough money to actually buy a game or 3? Would the same apply for a PS3?

    If so I might get both, better to pay au$660 (plus whatever postage is) than au950

  • are europeans getting upset over this? why are we aligning ourselves with america again, we’re fatter than them on average but are we more tightass and… stupid, want to know why microsoft dont make a hand held gaming system – its an expensive – i see people every day happily pay way too much for the latest mobile phone or ipod i never see people get angry about prices of tech like i do on gaming websites

  • It’s kinda sad, all through the PS and PS2 saga I was all “yay for sony” etc etc… come ps3 it was more a case of rooting for the underdog, forcing good competition out of the clearly superior consoles (at the time).

    But then I remembered – it’s Sony. Look at their TVs, laptops, Hi-Fi equipment, etc… Take a regular product of equal quality, slap a Sony sticker on it, and increase the price by ~33% – you have yourself sony’s marketing strategy.

    The thing is, for all the bitching and whinging and ‘realizing’ that we consumers do – Sony is still in business, and that will never change nor will their license to print money.

  • the only thing I can think of atm;
    wowowowowowowowowowwowowowowowowowow…. wwwooooooowwww so expensive 😐

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