PSP's Augmented Reality Game Won't Work With PSPGo At Launch

In Invizimals, gamers will use the Playstation Portable and a camera attachment to scan their homes, yards and surroundings in the hunt for invisible creatures to capture, train and later fight.

The augmented reality game uses the camera to place moving 3D creatures in a players real world, as seen through the PSP's screen. But because it relies on the camera to work, it won't be a game you play on the PSPGo when it's released.

That's because the PSP's current digital camera won't fit on the more slender PSPGo and the Go's sliding screen wouldn't be able to open with the camera mounted to the top of it.

The developers told Kotaku that they are looking into solutions, but that Invizimals, which comes out a month after the PSPGo, won't initially support the new portable.

"The camera will work with the go with an attachment," the developers told us. "We are looking into it, but it's a matter of logistics."


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