Pure Pwnage Becomes A Real TV Show

It's been nearly a year since the last episode of internet gaming comedy Pure Pwnage went live, and now the reason behind the hiatus becomes clear - real television fame, in Canada no less.

In case you don't understand video, Pure Pwnage is coming to Canada's Showcase cable channel in 2010, with eight full episodes worth of socially inept Jeremy's antics beaming directly into the televisions of our neighbours to the North. To put this into perspective, Showcase shows reruns of House. Pure Pwnage is going to be airing on the same channel that airs reruns of House. The world is a strange and wonderful place, isn't it?


    Keep in mind that Showcase is also responsible for Trailer Park Boys, quite possibly the greatest thing to ever come out of Canada ;)

    awesome...just awesome...

    Shit yeah! That's awesome news. I feel happy for the guys. Come on FPS Doug and Dave on TV!!!

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