Put Yourself In The Free Realms Card Game

Sony Online Entertainment has teamed up with trading card company Topps to let players create their own official personalised cards for the Free Realms collectible card game.

The Dualist on Demand Program allows players to turn their Free Realms character into a personalised card for use in the physical version of the tie-in trading card game. The Free Realms Trading Card Game Duelist On Demand pack retails for $US12, and contains 10 cards complete with codes that allow them to be added to the online version of the game as well. Using Topps' print-on-demand technology, players will be able to create and share themselves with friends in a distinctively family-friendly way.

"This print-on-demand option gives Free Realms players an entirely new way to immerse themselves into the game, with a unique, physical Topps trading card," said Scott Martins, Director of Development, SOE Denver. "Imagine creating a trading card based on your in-game character and then trading it with your friends for their personalised card. It's as if you are passing out your very own Free Realms business cards."

Head over to the Free Realms website to give the card-creating a go.


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