Quick, To The Batcave, PlayStation Home!

Batman: Arkham Asylum is almost upon us, so publishers Warner Bros. have stepped up their love affair with all things PlayStation with the announcement of a special, Bat-themed tie-in with PlayStation Home.

Anyone purchasing the game on PS3 will be given a free unlock for PlayStation Home, giving them the option of decking out their apartment to look like the Batcave. And not Dark Knight's "office space" batcave, either, a proper, dingy batcave.

The game's out on PS3 on August 25, with the batcave unlockable as quickly as you can get your copy home and download it.


    A nice little bonus! Hopefully some DLC will come out where these vehicles can be put to use in the game

    Playstation home is about the only PS3 thing I wish my 360 had.

    Instead I've got this cartoony thing that sits on my screen and does sweet F.A.

      You're really not missing out on much... and it's pretty hard to troll and get away with it. I trolled some people.. got hit on and got banned the next day. It sucked.

        I'm less interested in the interaction, than I am in the virtual offices, apartments, batcaves etc.

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