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This review was submitted by Clinton Hodge. If you’ve played Fat Princess, or just want to ask Clinton more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Fat Princess (PSN)

Hats on and ready to charge, as princesses, cake and hats change hands in Titan Studios’ own Fat Princess.

Loved Sponge Cake: Like sponge cake, Fat Princess is a simple game that is easy to pick up and get your teeth around. A brief write up in-game of all the controls, classes and objectives is complemented by an easy to play and enjoy single player mode, ideal for new players to get started with.

Looks Delicious: Fat Princess is bright and colourful, and as such a delight to play. Once learnt, classes are quickly identifiable amongst the chaos of swords and magic. The maps are varied, both in environment and layout and add to the game's (limited) depth.

Sweet Memories: A game cut into small slices: a bomb catapulted amongst six unsuspecting players, or outrunning the enemy team with a bovine sized female on your shoulders, these moments are when Fat Princess is the most enjoyable.

Hated Just Desserts: Much more a snack than a complete meal. Consumed in short periods this game is delicious but games can become repetitive when a stalemate occurs. There is simply not enough depth to character interactions or the economy/upgrade system to provide a real meal for gamers.

Only One Slice: Often it feels you are on your own even when surrounded by teammates. Having no communication options beyond a simple “Help!” limits team involvement aspects of the game and most casual gamers won’t bother with a headset and microphone.

As a game that rehashes some established ideas, Fat Princess seems to only fit in as a snack that provides limited gaming nutrition. Perhaps though it is really an appetiser in disguise and a more substantial game will follow from Titan.

Reviewed by: Clinton Hodge

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    I disagree. On the surface it may look like there isn't much depth to Fat Princess, especially when in games where n00bs are going one out increasing their kill count while forgetting about the princess but if you know what you're doing there is a ton of depth in terms of the level design and grouping different classes together. Making a break for the princess as a villager (for speed - get another one to come along for extra speed), a worker to help siege the castle, a warrior or two for protection and a priest while another group runs a distraction is awesome. Get a headset.

      Agree with the headset comment, as it's hard to complain about lack of communicative tools while you're disregarding the best option!

        I think the issue is that so few PS3 owners actually use a headset, it makes coordinating with your teammates very difficult. The in-game communication tools aren't enough to compensate.

        Davids point is the best one and the one I agree with most, you're lucky to have another person in-game with a headset, let alone enough to communicate and organise 15 people who - like you said - only care about the kill count and not winning.

        Thanks David for saying what I couldn't fit in with my wordcount :)

        I See.

        Wii60 user here, so I can see why that might be a problem.

        As an a-side, I wonder how they would have implemented more options, when all reviews I've heard claim the main part of the game (ctf) usually ends up deadlocked without close team integration? Different Buttons? Chat window on the screen for people with keyboards?

        I would interested to see how they could have done communication better.

        It's mostly the reason why I did say the games do become stalemated.

        Other options I'd suggest would be not having two taunt buttons on the main D-Pad and have an "over here" or something similar.

        A drop down menu with voice commands would help also, perhaps something tied to the other triggers, just something that with a push of a button can let team members know not to kill, but to get the princess.

        I don't think the answer is to force people to use other peripherals - it's the same headset issue, why type when you can plug in a mic? just as easy really.

        For me, I'd say maybe they should use the sixaxis technology and maybe allow players to draw other people attention to something with a shake of the controller, that way tantrums IRL are translated into game mechanics!

    gah - it's just a review filled with bad puns and analogies..

      But they fit and it's just awesome!

        I tried very hard for these puns and analogies to work with my review!

        At least I didn't say it was jam-packed with things, or a cakewalk to play!

        Thanks Kotaku for putting this up btw, the icing on the cake would be winning the competition. :O

    Nice humorous review, Clinton. I agree with your points.

      Thanks Flame, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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