Reader Review: Ghostbusters

Do you have what it takes to get a review published right here on Kotaku? Mitch does, as he aims for the flat top of Ghostbusters on PS3.

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This review was submitted by Mitch Alexander. (And yes, it's actually the second reader review of Ghostbusters. That's cool.) If you’ve played Ghostbusters, why don’t you let Mitch know whether you agree or disagree with his thoughts.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game (PS3)

Ghostbusters is a third-person adventure that continues where the movies left off.

Loved Atmosphere – Yep, it's the Ghostbusters alright. The original cast are in fine form. Tons of easter eggs and appearances by Mr. Stay Puft and Slimer crank up the nostalgia factor.

Ghost n' Gadgets – While in the movies the Ghostbusters relied exclusively on their proton beams, in true video game fashion, there's a ton of crazy gadgets on hand to mix things up. Bosun Darts, Slime Tethers and other devices provide a welcome relief from capture streams and traps.

Hated Trapping – Trapping ghosts is disc-snappingly frustrating. It's difficult to judge distances and angles correctly and half the time the AI will work against you as well by latching on to the same ghost as you and deciding to drag it to the other side of the room rather than into your trap.

Graphics – It's been said elsewhere but I'll say it again. The graphics on the PS3 version are horrid. The textures are low res and ugly, the environments are bland and the animations are uninspired.

Ghostbusters is a solid little action game but unless you're already a fan, the ugly graphics and awkward mechanics make this a definite try-before-you-buy.

Reviewed by: Mitch Alexander

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    It's interesting about the graphics/texture problem. I saw the PS3/360 comparison article too. In the PS3 demo the graphics looked great to me--on par with the 360 screenshots--so I think the developer broke something in the final build of the game??

    I disagree...The graphics on PS3 ARE NOT horrid... they could be better but aren't THAT bad. And with regards to the trapping mechanics, I think they are dead right on... It's supposed to be a slight challenge wrangling the entity over your trap and trying to get it in the trap... That's the whole point!!! Each time I trap a ghost it makes me feel like I worked for that! Very satisfying! THIS GAME IS FUN!!!

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