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Overlord 2 (PC, also on PS3 and 360)

This sequel sees you once again taking over the world with your loyal and destructive minions in tow.

Loved The Style - This game looks fantastic and the settings are wonderfully varied from a snowy arctic town to a lush jungle temple, every set piece of Overlord oozes magical wonderment (especially the magical blue ooze!).

The Evil - In the first game the choice was often between good and evil, even though you were supposed to be what physically looks like the reincarnation of the Dark Lord Sauron. Now the choice is between evil and really evil: "Destruction" or "Domination". Also the game no longer limits you when at the dark tower... three mistresses anyone?

Mounts - Minions can now have mounts, adds an extra level of choice for certain combat situations but could've been used more often with puzzles.

Hated The Camera - Maybe it was because I was playing on PC, maybe because I hadn't patched, either way the camera had a nasty habit of swinging wildly when I was trying "sweep" my minions, a common action.

The Difficulty - The difficulty curve in this game is flatter than your frequently crushed enemies. Sometimes there will be very hard enemies that can be beaten if you can manoeuvre around them and take out their leader, which was fun. However, sadly towards the end, it's necessary to upgrade your minions and find all the hidden artifacts, causing more grind than fun. Also most enemies can be defeated by attacking with your basic minions "Browns", some more creative uses of minions and their combinations would've been greatly appreciated.

In short, Overlord 1 + More Evil + Grind - Puzzles.

Reviewed By: Raph Byrne

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    Mounts, mistresses, and ooze...Uhuh. Good review. I liked your comment about being able to vanquish a whole slew of baddies by simply taking out their boss. I hate it whenever I see that in games. So basically, by being logical and taking out the toughest opposition first, you're robbing yourself of gameplay. That's lame.

    Honestly I'm probably going to give this game a pass. Too many games, too little time.

    Hmm I should try the PC version now

    I played this on PS3 and it was woeful - it ran at about 15 frames per second, chugged and the controls were SOOOOO unresponsive!

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