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This review was submitted by Matt McLeod. If you’ve played Prototype, or just want to ask Matt more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Prototype (360, PS3, PC)

Prototype follows the journey of genetically formed shape shifter Alex Mercer as he searches for clues about his past and seeks revenge against those responsible for his creation.

Loved The Prototype: Whether it’s kicking helicopters out of the sky or using your arm as a sword the game immerses you as an ultimate weapon. Watching my character get smacked by rockets then controlling him to spring back gracefully to hijack a flying vehicle gave me a childish grin few gaming moments can provide.

New York, New York: By far my favourite sandbox setting since GTA4, Radical has done an amazing job of recreating the city. My favourite part to the game was the ability to just spend hours gliding around it. It’s satisfying to be able to jump from a tall skyscraper and rupture the roads in Times Square, flipping passing cars over in the process, without taking damage.

Challenging: It was nice to have a game that was a fair challenge and required some skill to win instead of handing over the wins.

Hated Storyline: Using the sandbox environment to allow you to search for characters that will help you develop the story is a great idea, however it becomes old when there’s 131 pieces to the puzzle. By the time I’d finished the game I felt like I had more questions than answers still with the information I’d gathered being sketchy at best.

Cardboard Cut-out: Alex had about as much personality as a Keanu Reeves character. Being devoid of emotions stopped me from caring about his “plight”.

Events: No Radical, I don’t want to run obstacle courses of buildings to collect orbs with frustrating time limits for medals.

Overall, Prototype provided a refreshing take on sandbox action and is definitely worth a play through.

Reviewed by: Matthew McLeod

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    This game is crap. The AI is useless, the graphics are ugly and the targeting system doesnt work properly..

    Mess of a game.

    I bought this game, and regretted it immediately. It is an AWESOME experience for the first 5 hours, and then after that you will want to get rid of it.

    You'd think that this would be an awesome game to show your friends, what with throwing cars and eating people, but often it doesn't always work the way it's meant to.

    Overall, this is a good game you should experience, but either rent it or take advantage of a return policy, because buying it at over $30 is a waste of money.

    All im going to say is the game was frustrating. Crippling itself through dodgy dialogue, poor overall storyline, infuriating fight mechanics, little to no polish (blocky character animation, repeating of so many NPC models).

    A really good idea but implemented horribly. Not worth a play besides possible a rental to explore a city made of disgusting gray blocks with a guy with a sword for an arm.

    Well, I had fun with it. A hack and slash romp through NYC is always fun... and there's plenty of bodies to hack and slash at.

    Worst part of it is that I don't think I'll be completing all the events or finding all the collectibles any time soon though. The draw distance on the PS3 version hinders the searching quite severely.

      Not just the Ps3 version. All versions have draw distance problems.

    I really don't like this game. Alex is a great character gameplay wise but when the game that revolves around him feels ugly and broken I have no desire to play. Playing Prototype reminds me of how awesome Infamous was.

    I'll have to go against the grain and say I absolutely loved this game (with the exception of the artificially hard boss battles). An amazingly alive city that's constantly buzzing with activity, that you watch slowly descend into hell as time passes. Fantastic!

    This game has the attention captivator of game like Assasin's Creed. Fun for the first hour or so, then falls down a cliff and never gets itself back up again. Traded it in at EB a month after i bought it, only finished about 1/2 the game.

    Maybe we've been spoiled by the likes of Grand Theft Auto 4, but the New York City in this game is a poor rendition compared to other games. It just felt like Generic City USA to me.

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