Reader Review: Sins Of A Solar Empire

Reader Review: Sins Of A Solar Empire

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This review was submitted by Alex Boyd. If you’ve played Sins Of A Solar Empire, or just want to ask Alex more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Sins of a Solar Empire (PC)

Sins of a Solar Empire is a sci-fi real-ime strategy game that is based entirely in space and involves the battling of three different factions for control of various planets in a star system. Different star systems act as different scenarios and despite the lack of a campaign mode the game redeems itself with a worthwhile multiplayer service.

Loved Epic Scale – The massive scale of this game causes any RTS fan (even more so if you are a sci-fi fan as well) to begin salivating as they look at all the planets they get to conquer, ships they get to build and upgrades to research.

Upgrades, Tons Of Them – Whether you want to improve the ecosystem on one of your planets or give your Capital Ship some insane weaponry, you will find it near impossible to run out of things to upgrade.

Everlasting Battles – This game is so immersive that it has you checking the time to realise that you should have gone to bed hours ago and you have hardly scratched the surface of the skirmish.

Hated Repetitive – After a while you begin to feel as if you are simply doing the same thing over and over again. Especially when caught in a defensive position, the lack of defensive capabilities leaves you stuck defending the same planet over and over.

Left or Right – The separation between Conflict play and Civil makes it impossible to be a balanced player taking the best of both worlds.

Sins of a Solar Empire is a fun RTS for any strategy fans (especially ones with a sci-fi focus) but anyone new to the genre may find themselves overwhelmed by the depth of the game or simply bored by the slow pace of it.

Reviewed by: Alex Boyd

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  • This review prompted me to install the game again on my laptop, assuming it runs alright I might give it a bash, I didn’t play it much when it first came out.

  • This stellar game (hur-hur) is a must for strategy fans. I’ve put almost as many hours into this as into the Civilization series =)

  • yeh i have loved this for a while now i have the expantion too. However i play classic with my mates. The expantion gives you minefields for defence but they have to be detonated by you so they are usless for set and forget. you get a battle station too but is costs alot and i havent built one so i cant say wether its good or not suposedly its good for locking down a system that keeps getting attacked. i found that unlike other games when i go to play sins i have to decide if i want to give up 4 to 6 hrs of my day to play it but i can play the same of arma2, l4d, silent hunter 3 or 4 and not feel riped off by having so much time taken from me. its a great game i aggree but in th end i find you can just go capital ships and ignor the others or at worse tek into the best of the fleet ships and leave it at that.

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