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UFC 2009 Undisputed (360, PS3) By Andrew Burdusel

UFC 2009 Undisputed is the first true recreation of MMA from flagship company UFC.

Loved Roster: Over 80 fighters in 5 different weight classes, all of the guys you would see on TV are in the game plus some mid carders and a few unlockable fighters.

Graphics: Almost all of the fighters look spot on, animation is fluid, blows look brutal, cuts/bruises look legitimate. All of this makes landing a head kick all the more satisfying.

Move variety: All the main fighting styles you would see in the UFC are represented, this means a huge variety of moves to do. Unlike other attempts at a UFC game, this one has a good balance of stand up and ground game moves.

Hated Steep learning curve: If you want to just kick the computers arse over and over that’s fine, but expect to put in some serious man hours if you want to hang with the online crowd. You can pretty much say goodbye to a good record if you haven’t mastered the ground defence game.

Career mode: The career mode that lasts 7 years pretty much has you go through menus and options 80% of the time. It would have been nice to have more fight night style minigames.

Inconsistency: Sometimes its incredibly easy to get the knockout by just standing and punching/kicking. The submissions on the other hand are punishing to pull off. Many people just wont bother

Online: Even the slightest lag online can cost you the match, us living in Australia get hit harder than the rest

Overall UFC 2009 Undisputed is a great game for MMA fans, but the sheer depth of the game may make others steer clear.

Reviewed by: Andrew Burdusel

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    Just a little update on this one, 2 days ago THQ released a patch that apparently makes submissions easier to pull off while making knockouts a little less frequent, I haven’t actually had a chance to down load the patch yet.

    Nice review Andrew - and good that you acknowledged the lag us Aussie gamers get

      I played a lot of online matches and it seems pretty unbalanced, when I was playing as a striker fighting another striker we were even because striking involves just one button and no set up is required, Submissions and ground fighting on the other hand requires constant moving of the sticks, so the second or two of lag really can cost you the match, and it did on a few occasions

    I'm glad u mention how hard it is to do submission buy the one thing that I don't like is the online mode. It sucks wen I am just starting to play online wen they have u playiinh someone who is a level 75 or above. It would be nice if u can choose by rank

      my time with online mode was prety much 2 days after the game had just been out, even then some people were totally impossible to beat.

      The submissions really are a problem, it almost makes half the game moot, i've finished the story mode 3 times in 3 weight classes, everytime i've gone either kickboxer / wrestler or boxer / wrestler.

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