Report: Xbox 360 Failure Rate Over 50 Per Cent

It's that time again! Time to talk about Xbox 360 failure rates — you know, the Red Ring of Death and all that jazz.

In a survey of the print edition of Game Informer, nearly 5,000 readers were surveyed about the consoles. Here's how console failure broke down:

¥ Xbox 360 has a 54.2 per cent failure rate ¥ PS3 has a 10.6 per cent failure rate ¥ Wii has a 6.8 per cent failure rate

But think about it this way: 45.8 percent of Xbox 360s are JUST FINE. The rest? Totally screwed! Worse yet for Microsoft is that only 37.7 per cent found Xbox customer service helpful — compared to Sony's 51.1 per cent customer service satisfaction and Nintendo's 56.1 per cent.

Yet, only 3.8 per cent of Xbox 360 owners say that they would never buy another Xbox 360 because of hardware failure. Masochists!

EPIC FAIL (print edition only) [Game Informer via The Consumerist via VG247 Thanks Mugenkits!]


    What rubbish - how could it be so high? And Sony Customer Service is nothing short of disgraceful - there is no way Microsoft could be worse than them

    My 360 hasnt died, but my PS3 has...

      Heh, same. My PS3 died when I tried to update it with the latest firmware version (the one that added copy & paste to the browser) when I was trying to grab the infamous demo. Thanks Sony!

    I disagree 100% DansDans, my PS3 had a disc reading problem and Sony Australia gave me a brand new one free of charge. I found their customer service excellent and highly recomend it. I have spent far more fixing my xbox then i have buying a PS3 in the first place. PS3 is king for me, hands down.

      Well I had a terrible experience

      1) 3 week turn around time took 4 1/2 weeks
      2) The disc stuck in the machine was returned almost 3 weeks later, not within the 2 weeks as promised and only after I called and emailed thema bout it
      3) The fault was due to a known manufacturing issue but I still had to fork out $315 for it to be fixed
      4) Not one, but TWO, service reps told me I could plug the HDD into a PC and retreive my save files, music and videos off the HDD even though I told them there was no possible way to do it - they told me it was their company policy to tell people that

      And this was ontop of the while LittleBigPlanet issue from the start of the year when v1.06 disabled my ability to actually load the game - and right after I had bought some paid DLC which took almost a month to get it refunded to my account

      Although, so far I've never had to deal with Microsoft

    The survey doesn't take into account the model of Xbox, 54.2% of readers could very well have had their launch model Xbox eventually die on them, I seriously doubt this would be true for the newer 150w models however.

    I'm happy I'm part of the 45.8 percent.

    Now that thats been said, I'm positive I'll have a rrod tonight -_- damn you murphy... damn you.

    I've had three RROD's but only paid for one console so I don't mind. When my Wii died after very little use it was extremely painful getting a replacement. The xbox replacement procedure was painless and totally free.

    I'm one of the 97% that would just get a new xbox anyway. It's the best platform for serious gamers :)

      "Serious Gamers (tm)" own high end pc's, anyone else is pretending.
      please try to argue a differing opinion, i feel like making someone look like an idiot.

        Yeah - what's it like watching your graphics card go out of date before you get it home from the store? I'm not a "Serious Gamer" as I don't have 4 grand to spend every six months on a PC, though I prefer to call you a "cashed up dickhead", but hey opinions are a great thing aren't they?

        Does a "Serious Gamer" ever get off his high-horse, high end PC setup to get down on the couch playing a console? Surely you're not a serious gamer unless you also play online on a console! Surely!!!...

        PC only gamers just point and click like nerds.
        Console gamers aim and shoot like soldiers.


        Shit Stirring Shirley.

        You've already made yourself look like an idiot, so I guess you got what you wanted.

        a high end pc need cost no more than $1000 these days, sure buy the best alienware rig if you wish but...
        you made my day guys :thunmbup:

    My Xbox Has had Red Rings twice, but both times it's only taken it about two weeks max to come back repaired.

    My mates Xbox has also Red Ringed twice, another has had his DVD drive stop reading, and another has had the graphics chip screw up.

    Over 50% is quite believable.

      Indeed, 9 of my friends have had their 360 red ring twice, combination of zephyr and falcons, 3 with disc read issues, 2x graphics chip failures and now my bro's dvd-drive is spasming and another mates arcade which he bought to replace the old pr0 is e74'd. I'm a xbox 360 fanboy and on my 2nd xbox, my first one didn't have any issues i just traded it in for a jasper elite. Still 9 out of 10 ppl have had issues, not to mention scratched discs, replacement headsets, and storage upgrades. It's almost like the windows syndrome where there a flawed so ppl are pretty much forced to upgrade often. This survey has targeted gamers naturally from a gaming magazine, so i believe this is the most accurate way to gauge this situation and am not surprised at all by the results, now that there's the new ps3 slim i'm sure that the failure rate will go down, well this seems like a good time to buy a ps3 thats for sure.

        "Indeed, 9 of my friends have had their 360 red ring twice"

        " I’m a xbox 360 fanboy"

        " Still 9 out of 10 ppl have had issues"
        " This survey has targeted gamers naturally from a gaming magazine, so i believe this is the most accurate way to gauge this situation and am not surprised at all by the results"
        " this seems like a good time to buy a ps3 thats for sure.''

        Uhuh. So 90% of your friends have had RROD TWICE? Really? So, out of your personal experience, you're not surprised by a 50% failure rate, except for the fact that your own friends have a 90% failure rate?

        Forgive me, but with ridiculous stats like the one's you have presented, you fit the EXACT profile of someone who says "I'm have a 360, BUT... the PS3 rocks and really, the 360 sorta sucks."

    faulty console that I use > perfectly functional console that I don't use


    Mine Red Ringed yesterday :(

    Hmm.. console manufactured in Japan vs manufactured in Mexico with beer swilling hombres with screwdrivers.

    My model is made in Japan. But yeah, they are made in China too.

    360 = worst console ever

    For god sakes, just install some games and it won't freaking overheat!

    My xbox showed 3 red rings, once, and i just turned it off immediately, let it god damn cool down and started playing again.

    such a fail console

    Just think, if Sony tested their firmware updates a little more thoroughly, their failure rate would probably be around the 1-5% mark. Still, considering the problems they've had, it's still a *lot* better than the 360s.

    My 360 has never stuffed up. My brother's has, but not from the red rings; he had it in the back of the car on a bumpy road, and it stuffed the disk tray. He got another one. And now his (second-hand) one is playing up too.

    All online polls do is show how fierce and determined fanboys can be.

    Let's face it, polls are completely stacked out by zealots. The most ruthless wins. In this case, that means all the rabid PS3 fantards out there who will say anything, do anything to ensure their Choice is protected.


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