Resident Evil Movie Director Marries Resident Evil Actress

British film director Paul W.S. Anderson first met 33-year-old actress Milla Jovovich during the filming of Resident Evil. A trilogy of RE films and one baby girl later, the duo have tied the knot.

The director and Jovovich were wed at their Beverly Hills abode in an outdoor ceremony, attending by friends and family. This is Jovovich's third marriage and his first.

Anderson is best known for turning video games like Mortal Kombat and Dead or Alive into feature films. Jovovich is best known for being really pretty.

Milla Gets Married [The Sun]


    Good for him.

    Less information about these two please.

    Neither a very well connected with video games. Yes, shame on them for their weak film adaptions. Shame.

      If you're not interested in something on the site, just don't bother clicking through to the full article... and especially don't bother commenting on it.

      This isn't pushing the limits of relevance any more than a lot of articles here do anyway.

    But... she's hot... and he's a talentless waste of oxygen.

    I'll just never understand women *shakes head*

    A hint of bitterness there? :P

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