Retailers Point To Dragon Age: Origins Delay

BioWare's fantasy role-playing game Dragon Age: Origins is officially on the books for an October 2009 release date, but two retailers are indicating a slight delay for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, pushing it into November.

Shacknews caught wind of the change at two online game retailers, Gamefly and NewEgg, which now show the game arriving in November. Not a substantial delay, if those listings are accurate, but a delay nonetheless.

BioWare was quick to respond to the matter noting that the developer is "still targeting an October 20 release date" and would make an official announcement should it miss that date.

Publisher Electronic Arts made no mention of potential Dragon Age: Origins slips when it reported its quarterly earnings this week. BioWare reps also stood firm to a late October release date when we played the Xbox 360 version at Comic-Con. But these are recent updates on both retailers' sites, a change that few stores tend to make on a whim.

Dragon Age: Origins Delayed? (Updated) [Shacknews]


    Nah, come next month they'll say it's gonna be delayed till 1st quarter 2010...I would not be laughing if what I said came true (ok, maybe a little chuckle).

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