Rock Band Metal Track Pack: Killed By Death!

Rock Band looks like it will finally be letting users get their hands on the best-named song of all time, with a "Metal Track Pack" on the way that contains Motörhead's "Killed by Death".

News of the pack comes via two sources; an ESRB rating and a leaked achievements list, which when combined give us the following songs:

The Haunted: DOA Blue Oyster Cult: Transmaniacon MC Nazareth: Hair of the Dog Hawkwind: Master of the Universe Motörhead: Killed by Death

Those might be the only songs the pack includes, it might just be a selection from a much larger pack, we don't know. All we do know is, this game needs more [insert favourite metal band from the 80's/90's]

Rock Band: Metal Track Pack to feature Motorhead, Nazareth, more [Joystiq]


    Erm... DOA by The Haunted is already on Rock Band as DLC.

    I want more Mastodon... and some Opeth, plenty of Opeth.

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