Rugby League Is Coming To The Wii

Rugby League Is Coming To The Wii

rugby-league-3-wii-10Looks like the NRL season is being extended this year, as Rugby League 3 arrives on Nintendo Wii before Christmas.

Rugby League 3 is developed by New Zealand’s Sidhe Interactive, who were responsible for the previous two League games last console generation. This time around it’s exclusive to Wii and promises “visceral motion controls bring the physicality of Rugby League into your living room.”

Sidhe’s Mario Wynands says:

“The production team has been able to leverage significant past experience and extensive feedback from consumers in the development of this title. As a result, Rugby League 3 takes the series to new heights, delivering a richer, deeper and more immersive experience than ever before.”

You’ll be able to play as one of over 80+ licensed teams from competitions such as the Australian NRL, State of Origin, City v Country, Toyota Cup, European Super League, UK Championship, UK Championship 1 and international matches.

It’s scheduled for release in Q4 2009. Check the screens.



  • if the publics opinion is anything to go by, RL is full of alchos and gang bangers beating up on women. No reason this game should of been built for the family orientated Wii…i can see the parents banning it now. JUST BUILD IT FOR A REAL CONSOLE JERKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • How on EARTH does Microsoft a major sponsor for the NRL and State of Origin allow this to happen. I guess the NRL can kiss that MS deal away.

    What does Nintendo do for the NRL, f. all, they advertise during the AFL. Makes no sense whatsoever.

    Userbase sure, and yes it will sell bajillions but considering how aimless and useless Nintendo Australia is, they do not deserve this powerhouse of a title to sell their system even more,


    The ARL can probably kiss the Playstation 3 sponsorship of City Country and the Kangaroos away as well.

    It will be interesting to see if the Australian and City Country strips have the PS3 text predominantly displayed as they are in the real world jerseys.

    Stunned to say the least, and if this sells like total utter crap as most 3rd party Wii games do, it will serve Sidhe right.

    • Just on that Dave, might be worth putting a call into Sony PR and find out what they think about this given the major SCEA sponsorship of the reperesentative teams of the ARL.

    • In response to Choc. Sony does not sponsor these teams anymore. They used to sponsor NSW, City, and Australia, but that was a few years ago.

      In 2009 –
      NSW are sponsored by Aussie/Wizard & NIB
      Australia are sponsored by VB
      City had no sponsors

      Sony are sponsors of the AFL and don’t seem to have any sponsorship in place with the NRL.

      As for Microsoft, I’m not aware of any current sponsorship from them on any teams.


  • “Exclusive to Wii?? noooooooooo! Imagine how good this game could be on a proper console.”

    Yeah cause that worked so well when they did the first Rugby League game on the PS2 and Xbox.

    Seriously that game was SHIT. It remains the one and only game I’ve *ever* taken back to the store for an exchange. It was THAT bad. And it’s the same guys making this one. I have a feeling this is going to be shit as well.

      • nah they were smelly pieces of shite. in fact, calling it shite is an insult to all shite. but despite the fact that they were soooo shite, i still played the feck outta them (i’m a ‘league god’ expert harharhar!) due to my love for the game.

        i wish a REAL company like ea sports would try their hand at a league game – might not be the best game but they will sure as hell do a decent job with it.

  • It suprisingly looks really good for a wii game.
    Though some angles make it look really blury..

    I Just want to know more about the PS3 and 360 AFL game coming in 2010

  • I can’t wait for the mini-game where you have to spend the night drinking in a pub after an away game and try to avoid a sex scandal or physical assault charge.

    All kidding aside though, this looks like it could have some potential.

  • I’m thankful that they have finally decided to release a new game, however I am in two minds about it’s release only on wii.
    I’m a huge fan of rl1 and rl2 on pc, but at least this will make the wii I bought a couple of years ago worthwhile.

    Sidhe, this is a big mistake… one of the biggest strengths of the game on pc was the open-source-ness of it, meaning that (with the great help of guys like wouldubeinta on sidhe forums) sidhe wouldn’t need to release a new game every year (afaik, the wii holds no such assistance to open-source software).

    I will buy it, but am still hopeful that you will see the light and release a version on pc.

  • Suck it up guys its on the Wii get over it. If you want it you’ll get it on the Wii. How is this different to any other exclusive on any other console. Thats right its not!! Just be happy there’s another Rugby League game no matter the console its on. Obviously Sony and Microsoft didn’t want the game on their consoles otherwise it would be on all three.

  • lol at least they made the god damn game weve been waiting for it for about 5 years now and now weve got it . but i dont know y they made it on wii its a good move and bad move they get more money by it being on wii so they can have enough to produce another one hopefully on ps3 or xbo360 but they know that their is die hard fans out there that were waiting for it to come on 360 or ps3 oh well just looks like u guys have to buy it coz it doesnt look to bad althoug i was looking forward for it being able to play online

  • its a bout time they brought a league game to the wii. that what most of us want!! i hope its not $100 when it comes out that would be crap!

  • I can’t believe they are only releasing this game on the poxy Wii. I have both RL games for PS2 and have been waiting for a decent league game to come out on PS3… Why on earth has it been built for a low-quality Wii when it could be better utilised on a proper platform like PS3 or XBOX360? Very disappointing Sidhe…. Wake up.

  • i have always wished that rugby league would be on wii thanks sidhe interactive so very much i will get it on relese date


    I have a WII and PS3, I love them both, Rugby League would rock on either system. Lets hope they include online mode on the Wii.

    Facts are there are more WII’s in peoples homes, and RL is a game many younger kids, teenagers and adults buy, it makes financial sense to release it on WII. As for motion controls if done properly and let’s hope it is, it will be the best system to play it on anyway.

    if the motion controls suck, it’s up to the developers. please get it right…

    So if this works out, fingers crossed, go buy yourself a friggin WII, there are quite a few hardcore games you would enjoy anyway

    1. Resident Evil 4 (motion controls are awesome in this, best system to play it on)
    2. Mad World (most fun violent game ever)
    3. Metroid trilogy (again motion controls work like a charm and make the game)
    4. Super smash bros brawl
    5. Super Mario galaxy both HUGE deep games

    A hansful of others, now onto motion controls
    on the WII PES 2010 has a whole different way of playing soccer on a console

    Instead of controlling one player, like on PS3 or XBOX while AI does the rest, you control the entire team, point and click on players, run holding a buttonm down, and point on various players run them into position, all at once

    NOW imagine on Rugby League if they do this right –
    Friggrin you see a hole in the defense, you point at players click where you want the runners to go, set the speed and angles of the run…..send through a couple of decoys, put on a set move from a scrum that you created from scratch……

    The possibilities are endless, that type of gameplay cannot be done on the ps3 or xbox

    so swallow ur effin pride boys contact the makers and tell them thats what we want in the control system, along the lines of pes2010 on Wii

    That would kick arse!

    cant wait for this one……..

  • I am stoked that this game is coming out if the screenshots are anything too go by the graphics are amazing and the engine, if someone told you this game is the game after rugby league 2 and 1 I don’t think they would beleive you, this game is such a step up I mean such a elaboration and progression love it!!!

  • This game is a big improvement on RL2 and has fantastic game play and graphics. There also has been much improvement in having a diversified team. In RL2 where you could stack a team full of fast full backs in RL3 there is much more value applied to having strong players who can make meters up the middle.

    There are still something items which have been overlooked:

    1. Dummy runners and second phase play

    2. Inside passing or passing deep. It only allows you to pass left or right short or long. This is lacking.

    3. Player selection in defense. The game automatically moves a selected player back into the defensive line which is often not where you want that player. The selected player should never move automatically and there should be some control over which player is selected rather than just the closest player to the ball.

    4. Practice: This games approach to practice is learning in play which is incredibly difficult especially considering that the instruction manual has some quite obvious errors. Some actual scenario based tutorials for kicking, goal kicking defense and attack would be valued.

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