Scary Drawing Lady Sketches Her Room

Everybody remembers Yu Kobayashi, right? The game and anime voice actress who illustrated that nightmare drawing of the character the voiced in Wii title Arc Rise Fantasia.

That drawing right up there? Yu Kobayashi did not draw that. Aki Toyosaki did. Besides lending her talents to anime K-On!, she's did voice work for PS3 soul breeding game Record of Agarest ZERO.

That's a sketch of her room. Toyosaki's drawing is cute. There are her shoes in the entry way, a table and chair in the main room with even a "coffee space" next to the fridge. Bathroom off the main room. Plants on her balcony. It paints a picture.

While comparatively American abodes are quite spacious, Japanese house and apartments are far more cramped. Thus, there is significant interest in Japan in how people arrange their apartments.

Compound that with the fact that most people won't ever actually get to check out these voice actresses' living quarters, and the interest increases dramatically.

This is a sketch from Lucky Star voice actress.

Have a look, it's her one-room apartment. It's simple, but straight forward and to the point.

Entering, there is a stove and sink on the right. On your left, there is the bath tub and the toilet. Then in the main room, there's her bed, a closet, a TV and fax machine, a desk and chair and her PC and computer display. Very easy to get a mental picture of what her room is like.

Then there's Yu Kobayashi. Yes, her. Below is a drawing of her room.

Either that, or a scene from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. We don't know which.

人気女性声優達の直筆お部屋見取り図、図鑑 [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃][Pic]


    I think the pic from Yu Kobayashi is a war field. And I also think she was abused as a child. NO OTHER PERSON COULD PRODUCE SOMETHING SO SCARY.

    I don't get it. Someone give her a ruler!
    She sure likes black and red though.

    I think I played that map in Killzone 2 last night

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