See Bayonetta Played With One Hand

Action title Bayonetta can be played with two hands or one. Convenient!

In the clip below, the game's character designer Mari Shimazaki tests out the one-button automatic mode. "Automatic can be used on Easy and Very Easy difficulties," explains Bayonetta designer Hideki Kamiya, "and leaves the most complex controls up to the CPU."

Use only only one hand to press the punch button and occasionally pressing kick for Torture Attack events and your other hand to do other things like comb your hair and brush your teeth. Don't think of Bayonetta as merely an action game, think of it as productivity manager.

Very Easy Automatic [Platinum Games]


    How has there not been a masturbation connection yet? Anyone? One handed? Scantily clad female character? No?

      Oh wow, i think your on to something there. In theory, sales would increase and this game would appeal to almost every man who considers them at all either a gamer or masturbater ... Ha, i see a good future for this game...

      Thats what I've been thinking. Clearly thats what I'm supposed to be thinking when I see this article isn't it?

      noun (pl. innuendoes or innuendos) an allusive or oblique remark, typically a suggestive or disparaging one.

      Now read it again.

    There's this thing called inference, and if you look reaaaal closely, you'll see that Brian Ashcraft was kinda inferring that in the above article that you just commented on.

    That's disgusting Andeh. This is the internet, show some tact.

    I'd say what this has been designed for (except for the game's violence which might negate this statement) is for when Small Child (3) climbs up on your lap mid game and 'wanna play toooooo'. Then he or she can semi-mash away and still feel like they're playing the game.

    I'd say it was designed for wanking. Just a thought.

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