See Guitar Hero: Van Halen In Action For The First Time

The song list for Guitar Hero: Van Halen certainly seems strong enough, but what about the spandex rendering power of the Guitar Hero expansion? Can current generation console technology keep up with David Lee Roth's bulging air splits?

Unfortunately, that question is clearly answered in the debut trailer for Guitar Hero: Van Halen, which features ye olde and modern day versions of Mr. Roth, as well as his Van Halen-named bandmates. The trailer also shows a time travelling Wolfgang Van Halen, playing alongside 80s era Van Halen. Former bassist Michael Anthony won't be permitted to make an appearance in Activision's newest music video game product.

With a release date of December 22nd and plenty of music game competition beating Guitar Hero: Van Halen to market, will Van Halen fare as well as their Guitar Hero forebears? In the spandex department maybe.

Guitar Hero: Van Halen Debut HD [GameTrailers]


    I didn't even batt an eyelid for the Aerosmith edition, but this one looks like it could be worth the buy - when it goes on special that is

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