Sega Announce New Total War Title

That was fast! Having released Empire: Total War earlier this year, Creative Assembly have announced that the next game in the series will be out in 2010.

Don't expect anything too different from Empire, however, as Napolean: Total War will pick up right where the last game left off, following the campaigns of the little Corsican across three campaigns.

CA promise that, like the War of Independence tutorial in Empire, the three campaigns in Napoleon will be more story-driven than previous Total War games.

And...that's about it. No more info is available, but we'll just go ahead and assume this is for the PC only.

New Total War for February 2010 [Eurogamer]


    Going for the money grab by pumping out a new game like every year now much? Previous titles were like 2 years apart, or in the case of Empire: Total War it was 3 years I believe. Give the greatness of Empire: Total War a chance to sink in and brew before popping out a new game.

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