Sending Your DSi Pics To Facebook (No Pre-Teens Allowed)

nds_nintendo_dsi_ss23As of this evening DSi owners in North America and Australia can now directly upload the pictures they took using the portable to their Facebook account, with one caveat.

While the uploading is fairly seamless, Facebook's own terms of use prevent anyone under the age of 13 from using it because you're not allowed to set up an account with the service until you're a teen. For a portable that launched specifically to broaden the platform's demographic that's more than a little disappointing.

Why would Nintendo create a device that president and CEO Satoru Iwats said he hopes will be the first camera for children, only to hamstring the ability for those first-time camera owners to share their pics?

The real issue here isn't that Facebook blocks pre-teens, it's that Nintendo landed on the wrong delivery system for getting DSi pics to the Internet or a computer.

Kotaku AU Note: Photos of underage cats are OK though. Phew!


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