Sense Of Urgency In FIFA 10 Latest Vid, Screens

The latest trailer for FIFA 10, going out today to coincide with the title's GamesCom appearance, highlights the raft of new features you can expect this year. One I just like the sound of is "defensive urgency."

More authentic manager modes, a different practice set-up, and 360-degree dribbling—because I didn't suck enough with just 45 degrees of it—also go into FIFA 10. Looks like you can customise set pieces too.

In addition, they put out three screenshots featuring Frank Lampard and Chelsea cavorting on the pitch with Barcelona and Xavi.

FIFA Game Updates [EA Sports]


    Will the Manager mode match up to the Master League? That's pretty much the only real question left.

    Can't wait! I used to love PES from the days when it was 'International Superstar Soccer Pro Evolution' (on PS1) and begged all the mates not to buy fifa and get on the PES bandwagon. But now the only thing that "seems" to change each year is the number in the title. So I feel out of love.

    It's good to see EA listening, making Fifa 09 a clear winner and I'm sure they are only going to continue this with Fifa 2010.

    looks fucking awesome.....again.i never thought id say this but big up EA.pick up your p45's sebass and co,theres no going back.

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