Sex Scene Of The Year Already Awarded

By Edge, anyway. They're saying that an underworld Overlord II foursome takes the cake, precisely for what it does not show.

Overlord II's "foursome" scene is the best of the year. Yes, it's a scene where you, the hero, have a foursome. And yes, it's juvie wish fulfillment. But it's also a smartly done and properly incentivised scene that in two minutes, gets everything right.

In the video above, you see how your three evil mistresses have chosen to call a bedroom truce, leaving everything and nothing to the imagination of course. I did like the gratuitous booting of the imp midway through. Like, come on bro, didn't you see the tie on the doorknob?

Two things: One, it's interesting they award this now, when we haven't seen all that Dragon Age: Origins has to offer. And that has demon tits. And implied bestiality. I get that Edge wanted to reward a creative depiction of sexuality, but seriously, you think Dragon Age isn't gonna pack some titillation? Overlord II: The Best Sex Scene of the Year {Edge via Joystiq]


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