Silent Hunter 5 Announced, Dive, Dive!

This. This is why I love PC gaming. That in 2009 there's a market big enough to justify a fifth game in a ruthlessly authentic series about captaining Nazi submarines.

Ubisoft officially announced today (though we've known about it for a little while now) that Silent Hunter 5 is in development, and will be out Q1 2010. It's being developed by Ubisoft Romania, and in addition to the series' trademark underwater action will also let you switch to a first-person viewpoint and wander about the ship.

I remember 1995's USS Ticonderoga let you do that, and it was the only reason I bought the thing. So... maybe I'll look into this, too. Maybe. Provided there's still the option of substituting those awful American voice actors (see clip below) with some German ones.


    That was awful. The voice acting I mean. American accents on German sailors. Horrible. That's worse than Tom Cruise's American Nazi on Valkyrie.

    I'll be buying it anyway though. Best Sub sim around.

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