Sit Awkwardly Through Kurt Cobain's Guitar Hero 5 Performance

You put Slash in a Guitar Hero game, that's understandable. He's an inconic guitar player, and was happy to sign on the dotted line. But Kurt Cobain?

You stay classy, Activision.

Guitar Hero 5 at


    NOU stay classy San Diego

    During the first verse of the song his mouth seems to be opening way too much for how quiet he's singing. For the rest of the song it seems fine.

    I would love to of seen the Mo-cap recording for this.....
    Actually, I probably would not.

    Do you get a Shotgun peripheral with that?

    Kurt is just as big of an Icon and just as influential as Slash, even more so, fr me anyway. I think is quite apt for him to appear

    Who authorised this? His estate I guess?

    Johnny Cash is dead too, but his preview didn't seem nearly as weird as this. Cobain's got the uncanny valley up the ying yang.

    I don't think the issue is whether or not he deserves to be in the game. Its whether the real Kurt Cobain would 'sell-out' so to speak. And to weigh in, I don't think he would...

    I squirmed when Jimmi Hendrix appeared in World Tour. I think it is wrong that estates or record companies can decide ona dead person's likeness being used. A living person making their own choice to be in a game, fair enough, but some respect for the dead would be nice, thanks.

      Money > Respect

    He's no rockstar.

    He was the Lady Gaga of THEN! But now look at him...

    The world needs this like a hole in the ... erm... foot?

    Yeah, this annoys me, I've been thinking that his work (and image!) being appropriated into a commercial venture like a video game is precisely what he was trying to avoid by topping himself - Courtney's selling him out big time.

    Also, Lady Gaga < Cobain, by a looong shot...

    The real issue is that by putting him in a game, Activision have done what Cobain was fighting against through his life.

    It's like everyone wearing Che Guevera T-shirts: By buying the shirts you are participating in the action that Che was against.

      If there's one thing life does well, it's intensely powerful irony.

    well i guess courtney love has made another crap load out of this $$$$$

    I wish she would use a shotgun on herself

    anyway its very creepy but i cant wait to play.

    love peace and sympathy

    now that they concentrate so much on specific characters, no guitar straps is kinda distracting

    He gave up on life and took the cowards way out. It's sad but very true.

    He doesn't deserve to be in this game.

      I tend to think that it's phenomenally simplistic and unfair to refer to ANY suicide as "the coward's way out" in this day and age, knowing as much as we do about mental illness as a contributing factor. Unless someone is committing suicide to evade a criminal trial or some such, it's not cowardice, but the final symptom of a serious (possibly undiagnosed) health issue. In Cobain's case, it is highly likely that he was bipolar, and never received proper care.

    Here's the quick fix solution to this...

    Don't like it...don't buy the f***ing game!


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