Socceroo Tim Cahill Is New FIFA Cover Star

fifa-10-ps3-packshotEverton and Australia midfielder Tim Cahill will be on the front cover of that copy of FIFA 10 you buy on October 1, Electronic Arts has announced.

The addition of Cahill marks the first time EA's football series has localised the Australian box art to include an Australian player.

An understandably prepared Cahill said, “It’s an honour and pleasure to be part of the EA SPORTS FIFA franchise. There have been so many world class players appear on the cover and it is a great personal achievement that I am now joining some of the most talented players to be associated with this amazing football game."

He actually said EA SPORTS in full caps. No, really.

Check out a couple of in-game screens of Timmy ripping Liverpool apart.




    is it just me or does rooney look like a bald old man in this photo??

      Why yes, yes it does. It also looks like they have airbrushed Cahill's Samoan tattoo right off!

      As an Evertonian i think Rooney looks like a bald old man no matter where he is. The judas. Tim Cahill on the other hand looks like the legend he is.

    Nah, his Tattoo is still there, its just shadowed out.

    Least we won't have Ronaldinho's ugly mug to look at, but we've still got rooney

      HAHA! But now we have an angry smurf to deal with. They would just photoshop a cigar in his mouth & he will be Popeye.

      So this is JUST the Aussie version, yes?! What is Europe/UK's cover, what players are on that? Does the US have there own aswell?

    Why is Rooney still on there?

    I just love how they caught typical Rooney, getting angry about something.

    I was wondering why Timmy was not in Socceroos kit, then i remembered two things

    1. EA love to gloat they have the EPL exclusive, and it is a MASSIVE exclusive (pretty much the only reason i buy FIFA AND PES each year...)

    2. PES has the FFA (Socceroo) licence exclusively.

      The FIFA games have both the A-League and the Australian national team (Soceroos), so I'm not sure what you're talking about saying PES has the exclusive rights.

    Rooney looks more and more like Shrek every day.

    FIFA doesn't have a cover-player curse like Madden does, right? :(

      For Aussie's sake, we hope not!

      World cup next year! =|

      Considering how crap Everton is this season....

      There is something that FFA has in PES which FIFA Does not have, i can't remember what it is

      i think it is possibly the official socceroos kit. As with a lot of licencing, EA gets the rights to the names through FIFPRO (the fifa professional players organization) and this is how PES can get away with licencing misnomors as well.


    Yay, glad to see Australia getting a localised cover, and even better to see an Evertonian on the front! If only they'd picked someone better than Rooney for the background :/

      I agree. Everton have just signed Lucas Neill. Put him on the cover. I'm hoping to get the austrailian game sent over here to the U.K. just for Timmy on the front. You make great players. How is our Robbie Fowler getting on over there??

    Is there any reason why Fifa is $10 more expensive this year with a RRP of $109.95? All other EA Sports games this year are still $99.95 like previous years but Fifa seems to be an exception.

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