Some PSPgo Games Will Be Very, Very Cheap

With the PSPgo championing itself as a digital download-only device, it's going to run into stiff competition from Apple's cheap-as-chips App Store. Or, it will if its games aren't priced to compete with those $US0.99 iPhone apps.

So it'd be a smart move by Sony to price many games at, well, a similar point. Which is exactly what PocketGamer reckon will be happening, as according to their sources many PSPgo games will be pitched not at $US20 or $US30, but "at 1, 2 and 5 Euros" ($2-$9 AUD).

Note this doesn't apply to all PSP games; just those smaller, cheaper games like those you'd find on the App Store. Indeed, the App Store flattery extends to the pursuit of successful iPhone developers, with PG saying that Sony have also "been actively sourcing iPhone developers to bring existing titles to PSN".

Like, a PSPgo version of Rolando? Oh, what a delight that would be for the marketing team.

PSPgo games will be as cheap as iPhone games [PocketGamer]


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