Sonic Adventure DX Getting Another Remake?

Australia's Office of Film and Literature Classification has listed a new rating for Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut, suggesting that the GameCube game might be ported to current systems.

The rating says "multiplatform," which further vagues up whatever Sega's plans are here. That Gaming Site, which saw the listing earlier today, figures it could be a new control scheme on the Wii, an XBLA release, or part of some new compilation.

Sonic Adventure DX debuted on the Dreamcast in 1998; the Director's Cut was the version brought to GameCube and PC in 2003.

Kotaku AU Note: When we asked them for comment this morning, Sega would only say that "nothing is confirmed at this stage" and they would "keep us posted".

Sonic Adventure DX to be Remade Again? [That Gaming Site]


    I really enjoyed Sonic DX, looking forward to seeing what happens.

    It'll likely just be an XBLA/PSN re-release of the Gamecube game.

    Sonic Adventure is a decent game, but everything that's wrong with, or that people dislike about, Sonic in 3D started with it, from the poor camera, through the RPG elements of the adventure stages to the multiple, superfluous gametypes. People that dislike Unleashed but hold Adventure up as the sole example of quality 3D Sonic need to remove the nostalgia goggles. I'll take the werehog (or Silver's gameplay from '06 if it were in a game significantly less broken) over fishing every time. It did get Tails in 3D right, though.

    I enjoyed Sonic Adventure 2 on Gamecube and thought I'd pick this up when it came out later. It was horrible, confusing and just bad. One of the few times I actually returned a game.

      Yeah I agree, Sonic Adventure 2 was a far better game, I loved the ultimate weapon and how Dr Eggman wasn't the bad guy.

    Sonic Adventure & Sonic Adventure 2 were both amazing, but I have to say Sonic Adventure 1 was far better than 2 because you can run around the maps and I prefer stages than Sonic Adventure 2 but Sonic Adventure 2 was amazing as well.

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