Sony Announces Slim PS3 - It Lives This September!

Kaz Hirai, head of all things PlayStation announced that the long-rumoured slim PlayStation 3 Slim will be in stores the first week of September.

Hirai noted that it will be have the same features and function of the current PS3, with a 120 gb drive. It will be 33 percent smaller, 36 percent lighter.

The unit will cost $US299 in the US, 299 euros, 29980 yen.

It was widely speculated among the gaming press that Sony would announce a slim version of the PlayStation 3. Recurring rumours of price drops and supposed spy shots fuelled speculation for months.

Sony's next major gaming press event is Tokyo Game Show, which begins in late September.



    Any one know if it will consume the same (electrical) power?

      Actually no, it runs on steam power now.

    Its quite early for Sony to be making a slim version. They made slim versions of the PS1 and PS2 when they were on there last stands. (although ps2 is still hanging on)

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