Sony Enhancing PSN Trophy Bragging Online

PlayStation 3 owners with a thirst for Trophy collecting are likely familiar with the above. It's the old way of seeing your PS3 e-accomplishments online, something Sony is planning to update with enhanced PlayStation Network Trophies feature on

What's changing? The ability to view more detailed info on your Trophy collection online for one thing. Sorting, Trophies comparison against friends and enemies, and a better PlayStation Network Portable ID for three more things.

Eric Lempel, director of PlayStation Network Operations, lays it all out for you.

Enhanced PlayStation Network Trophies Online []


    I own a PS3 and usually only play it for PS3-Only titles. EVerything else i use my Xbox cause i prefer the controller. I don't think i even have 100 Trophy (points?) whatever they're called.

    Sorry to say, but its the truth, Playstation Trophies will never be Achievements.

    (Smartass) "Of corse not, cause they're playstation trophies not xbox 360 achievements."

    DUH! Just people are more into getting their Gamerscore up than PS Trophy Count.


      I couldnt give a shit about my gamerscore but I enjoy collecting trophies... hmmm

      Funny, i much prefer checking my trophies then my gamerscore. I find they have nicer pictures and descriptions, oh, and they have a more pleasant chime when you unlock a trophy.

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